Thursday, August 25, 2011

How To Lead A Communication(part-2)

In the previous post we discussed about the non-verbal forms of communication,today we will discuss the verbal form of communication.As said earlier,a non-verbal communication is very important in bonding with people but a verbal communication is 'the cracking tool' to start a conversation.Verbal communication is a direct form of communication where the massage is sent via words and facial expressions.

As in modern world with the growth of e-mail and social networking sites the verbal form of communication has effected adversely,but still verbal communication is more suitable way to send the massage with emotions.Their are two types of verbal communication 1.Public Speaking   2.Interpersonal Communication.Many people felt panicked on public communication,but it is very important to master public communication because a good public speaker can achieve anything in this world.

How To Improve Public Communication:
 1.  Be Quotable:
      People will not remember your whole speech but one or few sentences that strike them,the sentences that made them think on the subject.There are situations where one quote fire the emotions of people when Subash Chandra Bose a great freedom fighter of India said "You give me blood,I'll give you freedom" thousands of youth join with him to form an army where U.S president Mr. Barrack Obama get elected by his quote "We can Do" that's the power of being quotable.

2. Improve Your Vocabulary:
      By increasing vocabulary we can express our massage very well by using perfect words.Improved vocabulary lead to better articulation and better articulation is the key factor of improving the communication skills.

3. Be The Genuine you:
     People came to listen what you have to say,so be honest with them and yourself.Don't imitate other person whom you are not.Express your thoughts with dignity show your enthusiasm and willingness to interact with people and you can't help becoming a 'peoples champ'

4.Keep It Light:
     People do not like to stay too serious too long.make your speech light with some witty humor and quotes but remember to not crossing the limits.You should avoid racist,sexiest and off colour  humor.People feel uncomfortable with the speaker who disrespect others.

5. Voice Projection:
    Never let your voice appear to be down and low frequency it will make an impression that you are shy and does not know what to talk always adapt a positive posture and raise your voice slightly.Practice is a   key to adjust a suitable voice tone for public communication.  

    How to Lead Non Verbal communication                  

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