Thursday, August 11, 2011


     What is "Success" , a very heavy powered word isn't it? the definition of success can differ with different people.Some would say earning million dollars is success,Some say becoming famous and some will say creating goodwill is success.
      All are right on their own...But this is all partial successes that you will achieve.Imagine your life as a juggler and you are juggling with four balls 1)Relationship 2) Carrier 3) Health 4) Fun all this balls are made of glass,one ball falls and your act of juggling fails.
The life is same as juggling and balancing this four essential parts of your life.You can see many examples in your locality, people who are high educated professionals getting massive pay cheque's from their respective organizations,but suffering from diseases like diabetes,Heart problems and many more.They have failed to balance their health..only work load!!!!
I will dedicate my next few posts on how to achieve this perfect success in your life,may i say goodbye with a very true quote from a great scientist and visionary about success.               

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